Sausages; High in both fat and salt, sausages have never made it onto any diet list.  But more recently, the risks associated with sausages are known to include cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Corn-Fed Beef; Corn-fed beef is lower in omega-3s and essential minerals and vitamins, while being higher in saturated fats that are believed to provoke heart disease.

Sprouts; The conditions required for sprouts to grow are the same conditions that encourage bacteria growth, including salmonella, listeria and E.coli.

Milk; Milk contains saturated fats that could increase the risk of heart disease or rheumatism.

Store-Bought Cakes and Pastries; All that white sugar in the icing and glazing on most pastries takes your body forever to break down.

Low-Fat Snacks; Crackers, cookies, or chips that claim to be lower in fat often contain GMO corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. Stick to good ol' fashioned fruits and vegetables if you want to avoid harmful ingredients.

Corn; Corn is full of sugar and mostly GMOs. And let's not forget the butter you usually slather on top. Unless you're buying organic corn from the farmer's market, say goodbye to corn on the cob.

Canned fruits; Canned fruits are swimming in high-fructose corn syrup, which engenders such risks as obesity, high cholesterol and insulin intolerance.  Some even contain artificial coloring (cherries, peaches).

Frosting; Whether it comes in a can or a package, it is essentially composed of corn syrup and trans-fats, with artificial flavors, artificial colors and preservatives. Store-bought frosting also usually contains GMOs. Just say no.

Artificial Sweeteners; Artificial sweeteners have fewer calories than sugar,  but that doesn't make them any healthier.