What Does The Rock Eat?

The Rock once ate 52 ounces of cod per day for years to build his incredibly muscular physique.

Cod was included in six of his seven daily meals, alongside huge portions of various starches, including sweet potatoes (12 ounces), white rice (2 cups), and oatmeal (2 cups).

Each meal was rounded out with a cup of vegetables, and various add-ins like casein protein, a 10-egg-white-omelet, and a tablespoon of omega-3 fish oil.

Rock's Meal Variations

Breakfast; He wakes up to a bowl of cream of rice or oatmeal alongside some buffalo and some eggs.

Second Breakfast; After a workout, he eats a bowl or rice (or another “fast-acting carb" he describes to Delish, which means that it digests quickly), and chicken.

Lunch; For his third meal, he’ll eat rice again alongside chicken or buffalo, and add some greens alongside.

Dinner... and beyond; He has two or three more similar meals, and then before bed, he has some kind of protein (like casein powder), carbs, and greens. To keep hydrated, The Rock also drinks a ton of water; anywhere from 2.5 to 3 gallons per day. And while he doesn’t drink coffee, he does take in caffeine from Zoa, his own brand of energy drink.