New COVID-19 Omicron Subvariant XBB Symptoms

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In recent months, Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5 have dominated COVID-19 cases in the United States. However, a new class of COVID subvariants is on the rise, and one in particular is gaining a lot of attention. It’s called XBB—or Gryphon—and it has the potential to overtake everything else.

XBB is getting a lot of attention because it spreads quickly and appears to be able to evade immunity that people have built up from previous COVID-19 infections or vaccinations.

What Is The XBB Variant?

Omicron Subvariant XBB Symptoms

Covid-19, like any other viral strain, continues to mutate and evolve into a more virulent, transmissible, and devious strain. XBB is an Omicron lineage variant, scientifically known as BA.2.10, and is a combination of the previous sub-variants BA.2.10.1 and BA.2.75.

With limited information on this new sub-strain of Omicron, it is believed that the XBB variant has a growth advantage over the previous BA.2.75 variant and intense immune evasive property, allowing it to easily surpass the general population’s natural immunity.

It was first discovered in the United States in early August 2022, and it has been gradually displacing other Omicron variants worldwide since then.

Omicron Subvariant XBB Symptoms

There is currently no evidence that the XBB variant causes different symptoms than earlier strains of SARS-CoV-2, or that it causes a specific subset of symptoms in most cases.

If you’re experiencing two or more of the following symptoms at the same time (especially if they’re severe! ), you should get a COVID-19 test as soon as possible. The following are common COVID-19 symptoms associated with many of the current Omicron subvariants:

  • Body chills and fever
  • Fatigue and widespread aches and pains
  • Recurring headache
  • Cough
  • Throat ache
  • Breathing difficulty or shortness of breath
  • Congestion of the lungs, including a runny nose
  • New aversion to taste or smell
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Is the XBB subvariant contagious?

XBB, like other Omicron strains, is thought to be highly contagious. According to Singapore’s Ministry of Health, the variant now accounts for 54% of COVID-19 cases in the country, up from 22% the previous week.

According to the Singapore Ministry of Health, XBB is “at least as transmissible as currently circulating variants,” but there is “no evidence that XBB causes more severe illness.”

When will the XBB subvariant reach its peak?

Omicron Subvariant XBB Symptoms

Right now, there are many unknowns about XBB. While it has been detected in the United States, BA.5 and BA.4.6 remain the dominant variants in this country.

Other variants have also begun to spread at the same time, and it is unclear which will displace BA.4.6 and BA.5, if at all, in the United States. “ It’s likely to spread to some extent in the United States, but it’s unclear whether it—or another related variant like BQ.1.1—will become dominant.

Dr. Schaffner expresses “some concern” about the rise of XBB and other variants. “It’s critical to keep an eye on what happens in the coming weeks.”

Can vaccines protect against the spread of contagious XBB variants?

Previous vaccines — those administered before new bivalent vaccines were introduced this fall — may be responsible for the XBB variant’s rapid spread of COVID-19 among impacted communities.

One particular source of concern is that the new vaccine targets BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants, and while we know XBB is partially a spinoff of BA.2, it’s unclear whether this would make a clinical difference.

Official data on the effectiveness of the newer bivalent vaccine against XBB or any other Omicron subvariant to emerge this winter has yet to be shared by CDC officials or any other health agency.

However, the good news is that all vaccines, particularly the most recent booster available to the majority of Americans at this time, have proven to be highly effective at preventing severe disease and death, even from circulating variants.

Is the XBB strain more dangerous than the other strains?

According to the most recent medical evidence, the XBB variant of Omicron has more DNA changes than the previous Omicron sub-variants. These changes are most noticeable on the spike protein’s outer surface, in the receptor binding domain.

This strain of Omicron has metamorphosed in such a way that it has an advantage over antibodies augmented by vaccination or natural infection.

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