Some TikTok users have described period-blood face masks as "the best beauty secret ever" and a way to "connect with my divine feminine energy," others have deemed it "unsafe" and "cringe."

What Is a Period-Blood Face Mask?

A period face mask involves applying your menstrual blood to your face with the aim of improving your skin.

Many of those who have tried masking with period blood have done so because they believe the micronutrients and stem cells found in the blood will benefit the skin, but it's not 100 percent clear from the content exactly what those benefits look like.

Most of the claims are quite vague, with users saying their skin looks "good" or "better" post-treatment. Others have hopped on board the trend with the aim of feeling more connected with their body.

There is evidence that there are stem cells in the endometrium (inner layer of the uterus), and it does also contain micronutrients such as zinc, copper, magnesium, and iron - all of which are found within the bloodstream. These substances might in principle be useful for skin health, for example in reducing inflammation.

Is It Safe to Try a Period-Blood Face Mask?

We're all for a bit of self-care, especially around our periods, but according to the experts, a period face mask is likely to cause more harm than good.

Period blood drains through the vaginal walls where bacteria, yeast, and viruses may be sitting. If someone has an infection or herpes, that can also be passed along with the collected menstrual blood and passed onto the face if used for masking.

If there is a small cut on the skin's surface or any kind of break in the skin barrier, this can cause significant infection in the skin.